Quick Overview


  • Pre-calibrated in the U.S.A.  before shipping directly to you

  • No-touch design - mouthpiece is not required

  • Advanced fuel-cell sensor with no warm-up necessary

  • Quick analysis - 1 second to show result

  • Active & passive test modes

  • LED light matrix for result indication and directing traffic

  • LED flashlight function

  • Includes manual + 1 YR warranty

The AlcoHAWK® RapidScreen from AM Diagnostics is the newest fuel-cell breathalyzer designed to test in both active or passive modes ideal in environments such as schools, roadside screenings, probations, jails, hospital, clinics and many more zero tolerance testing applications.


The AlcoHAWK RapidScreen is non-invasive, NO mouthpieces or special attachments are required, making screening for the presence of alcohol easier than ever!


Parents: Check your teens when they come home from outings.


Schools: Monitor students for the presence of alcohol at any school function.


Employers: Enforcing a Zero-Tolerance policy has never been easier or quicker with the AlcoHAWK RapidScreen fuel-cell breathalyzer


Corrections: Test inmates returning from leave.


Hospitals and Clinics: Check patients for the presence of alcohol prior to administering medications.


Police and Law Enforcement: The AlcoHAWK RapidScreen is ideal for testing drivers at road-side screening check points.


The AlcoHAWK RapidScreen includes:

  • Owner's Manual

  • 1 year warranty

AlcoHAWK Rapidscreen Overview


A : Non-Invasive Testing - Simply have test subjects blow into the mouth on the front of the unit.


B : Brilliant LED Lights - White (for use as a flashlight), Green (Clean indicator & for directing traffic), and Red (Drink indicator & for directing traffic)


C : LCD Display Screen - Displays temperature, time, and battery level. Also provides on-screen guidance, results, and menu options.


D : Menu Select Buttons - Use the buttons to respond to on-screen prompts when testing or configuring options.


E : One-Button Operation - Power-on the unit and perform tests without ever pressing another button.


F : Ergonomic Handle - Fits your hand comfortably, ideal for extended use while testing a large number of individuals.

AlcoHAWK RapidScreen Menu Options


Next Calibration: Displays the date of your next recommended calibration


Date Time: Set the date and time


Unit Set: Choose the display unit (mg/l, mg/mL, g/L, ‰BAC, or %BAC)


Blow Time: Choose the blow time in seconds (.2, .5, 1, 1.5, or 2)


Display Time: Choose the amount of time to display the result before the unit returns to the main screen (3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, or No Limit)

AlcoHAWK RapidScreen Specifications

Dimensions     11.18" x 2.69" x 2.91"    (28.4 cm x 6.85 cm x 7.4 cm)

Weight14.1 oz (400 g) without batteries;  17.3 oz (490 g) with batteries

Power SupplyFour (4) AA alkaline batteries (not included)

Battery Life300 tests1

Sensor TechnologyElectro-chemical Fuel-cell Sensor

Warm-up Time<1 second1

Blowing Time0.25 - 5 seconds

Response Time<1 second1

Operating Temperature10 - 40°C (50 - 104°F)

Detection Range0.000 - 0.200% BAC

Sensor Accuracy±0.005% at 0.05% BAC3

Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty

  • Estimates, results may vary.

  • Read owner's manual before use to understand proper use, accuracy limitations, and calibration requirements.

  • This device is not to be used to determine if the subject is legal or able to operate any equipment or vehicle.










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