Narcospray Cocaine






Cocaine/Crack NarcoSpray®


A presumptive test to determine the presence of Cocaine/Crack


The cans are especially designed for safe and easy use. Easily twist open the cap to use the spray and twist it again to close it safely.


At normal use you can perform approx. 150 tests per canister.

Each canister comes with an easy clip-on test-paper dispenser (easy to clip onto your belt) with 150 testing papers.



CocaineStrong blue immediately

PCP Strong blue within 10 seconds

Methaqualone Strong blue within 10 seconds

GBLMedium Blue within 10 seconds

MDPV Blue within 10 seconds

Ephedrine Blue within 10 seconds

CrackBlue spots within 10 seconds

BuprenorphineBlue spots within 10 seconds

Methadone Blue spots within 10 seconds


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