MMC Narcotic Test Case 26












MMC Narcotic Test Case

Shoulder strap included


You may compile your own contents of test packs at checkout.

You may choose from: Narcotic Tests and Precursor Tests.

If you do not fill out the configuration, we will supply the default kit as below:


Default contents of this strong carrying case:


2 x Cocaine/Crack Test 10/box

2 x Opiates/Amphetamines test 10/box

2 x Crystal Meth / XTC test 10/box

2 x Cannabis (Marihuana) test 10/box

2 x Heroin test 10/box

2 x Barbiturates test 10/box

2 x Morphine/Heroin test 10/box

2 x Methadone test 10/box

1 x Methaqualone test 10/box

1 x Fentanyl/Oxycodone, Heroine/Morphine, Codeine test 10/box

1 x LSD test 10/box

1 x Ketamine test 10/box

1 x Ephedrine test 10/box

1 x PCP test 10/box

1 x GHB test 10/box

1 x General Screening test 10/box


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