Test CasesParty Narcotics Identification Case


The Party Narcotics Identification Case is especially developed for testing substances in the club scene (dance-events etc.) You may compile your own contents of test packs at checkout. You may choose from: Narcotic Tests and Precursor Tests. If you do not fill out the configuration, we will supply the default kit as below: Default contents of this strong carrying case: 1 x GHB test 10/box 1 x Cannabis (Marihuana) test 10/box 1 x Ketamine test 10/box 1 x Fentanyl/Oxycodone, Heroine/Morphine, Codeine test 10/box 1 x LSD test 10/box 1 x Cocaine/Crack Test 10/box 1 x Crystal Meth / XTC test 10/box 1 x General Screening test 10/box 10 Evidence Bags 10 Cocaine Trace Wipes 1 Permanent Marker10 Small Pipettes