Sharps Containers


Safety Containers
◎ Made by PP material, No PVC included, it can reduce the contamination of environment when disposal injury wastes by high temperature.
◎ Made by hard material, Sealed and anti-piercing, Safe, convenient, leakage proof, easy for disposal by high temperature. Once sealed,open by mistake is impossible without damage on it.
◎ Convenient for safe disposal of disposable venous blood collection needle, also can be used for collecting syringes, infusion sets, blades and structure needles etc.
◎ Color to be Yellow (Red can be customized), Warning marks shown on the side of the container.




























Item No.                         Description                                      Specifications          

AM-KJ825                       Sharps container                               1L

AM-KJ826                       Sharps container (Cylinder)                 3L

AM-KJ827                       Sharps container (Square)                  3L

AM-KJ827-1                    Sharps container (Square)                  3L

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